This 10 story building design is a study for a project located along Central Avenue and Second Street in Sarasota. It was the developer’s desire to construct rental housing in the downtown core that would serve younger workers whom have historically been priced out of living close to work. It was the goal of the developer to introduce a building that was capable of housing several unit types, configurations and square footages. Additionally, the developer required 25,000 square feet of retail space—of which 15,000 square feet could be reserved for a potential drugstore chain, and a parking garage containing 225 parking spaces and a roof top amenities deck.  

The solution presented contains 168 residential units ranging in size of 450 square feet to 2900 square feet—with over 70% of the units below 1100 square feet in size. The apartments are housed in a seven story tower that steps back from the major street frontages at the third floor of the project. The first three floors of the project house two floors of parking over ground floor retail. At ground level, the retail spaces are organized in a manner that would place the major anchor tenant at the prominent corner of the development. The main entry into the apartment building and the parking levels separates the anchor tenant space and the remaining 10,000 square feet of retail space in a manner to articulate and break up the long expanse of storefronts along the street. The garage levels above are masked by a series of planes comprised of suspended perforated metal panels and glass panels mounted to produce a three dimensional layering effect of the lower façade. The tower design’s plan is laid out to create apartments in a staggered format—creating opportunities for interior spaces to have glass and associated views in on multiple walls, while serving to break up and articulate the mass of the building from the exterior. The roof level is the building’s amenities level—containing the clubhouse, swimming pool, gym, lockers, roof top viewing terrace, and adult beverage center.