Located in the central business district, the bus transfer facility is intended to convey the structure as a public pavilion. The orientation of the site runs perpendicular to the strong east-west walkway of the adjacent Sarasota City Hall. The four central columns of the structure serve to frame City Hall’s axial parti and the visual terminus of the public art plinth—creating a symbolic gateway between the two structures. The large canopy structure provides shelter for the bus patrons while addressing issues of civic architecture and urban space. The open waiting platform for the facility is accomplished through incorporation of a large space frame truss supporting the canopy and running the length of the site- supported by 4 pairs of columns that accommodate ease in pedestrian circulation and the loading/unloading functions of the facility. The bus platform is designed in a seven bay, saw tooth configuration—allowing for buses to arrive and depart independently.

Enclosed spaces below the canopy structure consist of public restrooms, ticketing booth and driver’s lounge facilities. As free standing sculptural elements sheathed in tiles reflecting the colors of the community’s coastal locale, their forms do not engage the ceiling above—reinforcing the structural aesthetics of a canopy that derives its sweeping geometry from the city’s maritime origins.

Project Architect / Designer: Dale Parks / Seibert Architects—Architect of Record
Photography by Steven Brooke