This project was commissioned as a 2500 square foot residence located off of the North Trail of Sarasota.  Located in a flood zone, the house is elevated over the first floor garage area. The client’s program is a modest plan for a three bedroom, two and a half baths, and a common space accommodating the living space with the kitchen that opens onto a back terrace area overlooking the pool deck.  

It is the client’s desire to have a dining room space that opens onto a small Oak hammock via large glass panels—becoming the prominent feature of the street faced of the house. The main entrance of the residence is accessed by an exposed, open riser staircase and exposed railing—creating a lightness juxtaposed adjacent to a monolithic wall. The residence is segregated into articulated volumes that serve to play off of each other with their visual weight. The street side of the residence consists of a dominant thin roof brow that extends from over the front entry across the top of the glass box of the dining room and wraps the corner of the high kitchen/living volume to lock the geometries together. The lightness of this plane greatly reduces the sense of massing for the front of the project. 

The rear of the residence is dominated by a large back terrace running the length of the kitchen/living spaces. Enclosed by full height sliding glass doors, the living room opens onto the terrace—protected by a large roof overhang expressed in a similar planar manner as the front roof brow. The terrace is connected to the pool deck below, and patio spaces via another open riser stair as the front element. Looking out onto the pool deck is a covered terrace that contains an open air fireplace and views into the back yard.