Organized by the Gulfcoast Chapter AIA’ Committee on Design, the exhibition was a focus on the issues of housing and societal shifts that serve to influence the building typology.  

The solution explored the issues of a multi-generational family under a single roof. The theoretical client is a mature woman living with her recently divorced daughter and teenage granddaughter. These relationships are close, open and honest. In addition to the traditional space requirements of the family, an unorthodox separation | interaction between these generations is paramount for the program development and realization. 

These three occupants are experiencing a “coming of age” with age group relevancy. This collective “coming out” opportunistically utilizes technology in the form of a cyberwall and screen facade, digitally capable of both the exotic and mundane. These women have reason to flaunt the complexity of domesticity. This “broadcast”, either allowed or disallowed, capitalizes upon the building’s materiality with varying degrees of exposure, and ultimately the exposure of the inhabitants themselves.