Located around the corner from Codding Cottage in Laurel Park, the Madison Court residence entailed a complete interior renovation/addition to a former 1920’s duplex into a fully modern 1500 square foot single family home. Originally designed by noted architect of the time, Thomas Reed Martin, the exterior shell of the structure was constructed in the Spanish Mediterranean Revival style prevalent in the historic neighborhood at the time. While the exterior of the residence remained largely intact and in good shape, the interior was dilapidated and rapidly deteriorating. From water intrusion, rotting windows, leaking roofs and termites. The interior of the residence was demolished down to the structural wood framing, and the common party wall between the duplex units.

The scope of the work included the replacement of all plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems, kitchen and bathrooms along with the reframing of new partition walls and new finishes throughout the project. New energy efficient double pane windows replaced the original termite eaten units, and a master bedroom bathroom was added onto the structure to the rear of the home. The project subsequently was featured in Sarasota Magazine’s annual Home and Garden issue on Downtown Living.

Photography by Gene Pollux / Pollux Photography