November, 2001
The Fine Arts Society of Sarasota: “An American Legacy: The Sarasota School of Architecture”

March, 2002
Ringling School Library Association: Presentation of the design of G.Wiz facility

November, 2002
Pelican Press Guest Editorial: “Good design should go beyond simple function”

February, 2003
Sarasota Herald Tribune Community Forum: “Architectural Freedom?”

April, 2003
La Musica Festival/SRQ Magazine: “Harmonies in time and space/Music and Architecture”

June, 2003
“No Brakes—a Residential Design Exhibit”

October, 2003
New College of Florida: Architectural Advisor/Art Selection Committee—Art in State Buildings Projects

April, 2004
Sarasota Architectural Foundation: “Thoroughly Modern Tour” 

February, 2005
SRQ Magazine Guest Editorial: "Creative architecture helps define the values of a city"

August, 2005
Downtown Partnership Association Luncheon: “Qualities of Good Architecture”

March, 2006
National Council of Jewish Women, Sarasota: “Architecture: What is happening in Sarasota and where is it going?”

January, 2007
University of South Florida: Presentation of design work

February, 2007
The Arts Council of Sarasota County: “Urban planning and the aesthetics of the community”

August, 2007
Style Home Magazine: “Inside Design”