The project was an addition/renovation project for an existing residence located on Bird Key. The architect accomplished the work in two phases working with two different owner/clients. The original 4000 square foot home was constructed at the terminus of a finger canal that leads out to Sarasota Bay. Built in the 1970’s, the home was designed in a clean modernist aesthetic with a large banyan tree and koi pond on the street side, but with little curb appeal for the house proper.

The first phase of work was commissioned by a young couple with two children. The clients, art aficionados, required a second floor addition to act as the children’s bedrooms and study area, a new entrance for the house that would showcase and reinforce the client’s art collection and the addition of a new family room. Giving the residence a better street presence was accomplished by designing a large window wall entry way adjacent to a brightly hued stair tower leading to the second floor children’s wing. The family room was added onto the waterside of the residence overlooking the existing swimming pool. 

The second phase of work commissioned by the latest owners involved the renovation of the kitchen/dining areas, a small addition that would open and link the family room more directly to the new larger kitchen as well as a new breakfast area that looks out over the Koi pond through a large pivot window—allowing the house to visually flow from the front through the new spaces out onto the waterfront side of the residence. The architect redesigned the separation between the dining area and the kitchen space by replacing the solid walls with a wall of translucent glass, providing a back drop for a formal dining area while accentuating the flow of natural light through the spaces. Upon completion of these areas, the master bath was renovated and enlarged. Large sheets of glass are the only partitions- opening up the larger space with natural light and accentuated by a wall of blue tile that acts as a backdrop for a sleekly designed free standing tub.

Project Architect / Designer: Dale Parks / Seibert Architects—Architect of Record
Photography by Matt McCourtney